Since her incorporation, the company has managed to secure several major contracts with the government, particularly with the Ministry of Defense in supplying weapons system, ammunition, Radar Systems, simulator systems, target and sighting equipment, clothing and other related products amounting to USD20 million. The contract was awarded through our associate companies. Some of the products supplied are :

  • 155mm Artillery Ammunitions

  • 81mm Long Range Mortars

  • 81mm HE (9 lbs) Bombs

  • 81mm Smoke (9 lbs) Bombs
  • 81mm Illuminating (9lbs) Bombs
  • Light Anti-Tank Weapons (LAW)
  • Mk 83 Aircraft Bombs
  • Field Artillery Training Simulators
  • Air Defence Artillery Air Craft Recognition Training Systems
  • Corrugated Plastic Targets
  • Cartridge 40mm CS
  • 60mm Mortar Illuminating Bombs
  • Non-Proprietary Spare Parts for Air Force Aircrafts
  • 106mm Anti-Tank Recoilless Gun & Spares
  • Air Defence Artillery Local Warning Radar
  • Digital Photo Lab (AGFA)

        DML Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd was involved in contributing its expertise in giving full support to the Ministry of Defence during the later involvement in Somalia and Bosnia Herzagovina (1990-1996) by supplying and delivery of ammunition and other related equipments to the Malaysian troops stationed in Mogadishu, Somalia and Zagreb, Bosnia Herzagovina.

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