Profile Overview


             DML Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd., also known as (DML) is a renowned Malaysian company founded and headed by an enterprising Malaysian entrepreneur, Major Mohd Ismail Haniffa (Retired) (CEO & President ). 

DML Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd., is a 100% Bumiputera owned company incorporated on February 14, 1994. It has a paid-up capital of RM 300,000.00 and is fully registered with the Ministry of Finance.

DML Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd. aim to be the leading partner in project management and a service provider, advocating excellence in this era of information and knowledge-based society. Our philosophy in developing entrepreneurial culture promotes continuous innovation and creates a solid foundation for expansion especially in our expertise to achieve excellence in our undertakings. Our capability and farsightedness to understand customer’s requirements and our ability to engineer creative solutions to overcome challenges mean that we are able to provide impeccable customer support services with greater efficiency. 

The core activity of the company is general trading with a vision to provide quality products and equipment to her customers where precision, safety, quality, dependability, adaptability and back-up service formed the crux of the company existence. 

In her early stages, the company has managed to win the trust of principals from most of the European countries, the USA, South Africa, Australia, Eastern block countries and local suppliers dealing in Radar Systems, simulator, ammunition, weapon systems, communication, spare parts, hospital and safety equipment, industrial products and clothing. 

Unlike other vendors, DML does not restrict herself to trading activities alone but also provides professional consultancy services. The package is customized to meet the demanding requirements and specifications set by our clients. A complete proposal based on thorough studies of the actual needs, specifications and reliability of products will be undertaken to substantially minimize the customer’s risk (and maximize advantages) with respect to practical solutions and cost.

In line with the Malaysian government policy in turning the country into a self-sustain agriculture base community especially in the food and livestock farming, DML is gearing herself to meet these challenges. DML is investing in the agriculture sector, which includes supplies of livestock feed, fertilizers, modern farm equipments and biotechnology compose.

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